Mungsube provides display solutions that can bring more people to your exhibition so that you can effectively promote your ideas and products.

Our open frame products, transparent displays and customized LED products can increase the popularity of your exhibitions.



Victory Hill Exhibitions

Mungsube is providing displays for engaging, educational and interactive exhibitions for the global market.



Building Lobby Pop-up Exhibitions

Mungsube design and manufacture customized LED tiles for building lobby exhibitions.


Victory Hill Exhibitions

Project Overview

Victory Hill Exhibitions is an exhibition production and distribution company focused on delivering educational and interactive exhibitions for the global market. 

VHE required Mungsube to design, manufacture and integrate custom Open Frame Displays and Transparent Displays.

Location: Avengers Exhibition in Las Vegas, Paris, Beijing, Taipei, and Singapore.  

Display Features

Open Frame Display

Open frame displays from size 10.1'' to 98'' are used as each section of the exhibitions require unique design and effects. Open frame displays have the freedom to design a custom enclosure that suits customers specifications and needs.

Transparent Display

The see-through displays allow the visitor to see what is shown on the glass screen while still being able to see through it. For example, the visitors could see an avengers replica behind the window and at the same time the window has information scrolling across it.  


Lobby Pop-up Exhibitions 

Project Overview

An open space in a building lobby was used for pop-up exhibitions. Every exhibition required different kind of LED tiles to maximize the visual effect which could send an immersive experience to the audience. 

Location: South Korea

Display Features

LED Custom Tiles

Customized LED tiles were specifically made for each unique pop-up exhibitions. Mungsube LED panels can be made in any shape, any size and frameless.