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Digital Creative Writing Instrument

Neo Smartpen

All ideas start from a tip of the pen.

New technology, New pen

Neo smartpen seamlessly digitizes your writing and drawings written on paper to your smart device. 

No need to scan, take pictures or type the notes on smart devices anymore!

How Does it Work?


N Notebook

Ncode Technology*

Hardly visible Ncodes are printed on each page of N Notebooks. 


Neo Smartpen

Slim and light, like any other pens

Electro-optical sensor picks up the Ncodes and records them.


Smart Device


Neo Notes App

Connected with Neo smartpen, your handwriting and drawings are instantly saved.


*Ncode Technology

Ncode is the core technology that applies to every N notebook. It is a combination of lines and symbols which constitute a pattern to express a unique code for the N notebook page location. 

More about the pen



Length: 149.6mm

Thickness: 10.4-10.9mm

Auto on/off: pen cap

Comfortable grip

Slimmer and lighter feeling


Vibrant color variations:

Black and Red

Navy and Yellow

Gray and Neon Green


Memory storage: 100MB 

Battery: Rechargeable Li-po battery 3.7V/280mAh

Charging time: 90min

125 days stand-by mode 

6 hours of non-stop writing 


Award Winning Design:

iF Design Award 2016


N notebooks


N Coded

Neo smartpen requires Ncoded notebooks. Ncodes provide the signals to Neo pen to trace handwriting.

Wide Range

Pocket sized notebooks,

A4 paper pads,

ring notebooks,

planners, etc.

Special Editions

Special edition collaboration with brands and artists.

Find out the Moleskine edition here.

DIY Notebook

Print your own Ncode papers using the Ncoe PDF service.

It is FREE and easy!

Neo Notes App



Seamlessly digitize what you write on paper to your smart device.



Share your notes via email or social networks in various file formats.


Record & Replay

Record as you write. Replay your note-taking process and recordings that are synced.



Erase unnecessary notes and highlight important messages with colors or notations. 


Tag & Search

Convert your handwritten notes into digital text. Neo Notes supports 15 languages.


Auto-save & Backup

Automatically upload and backup your notes to a variety of cloud platforms. 


Send Emails

Simply tap the email icon on the notebook to send an email from your smart device.


Digital Notebook

Create your own notebook and copy important pages from different N notebooks.



Connect up to 7 pens to one PC via Neo Notes Windows. Everyone's idea will appear on screen in real-time.

What people say

Wayne Reeves, Professor

Neo smartpen enables me to take notes in any situation whether during a phone call, a conference or a meeting with board members; there’s just no fuss. It turns on automatically, so you don’t have to fumble with it and embarrass yourself in front of important people. You can recall even fleeting ideas from a meeting by matching your memos.

LB Lee, Second brain lab CEO

We are living in a world of excessive information and this "second brain" is a trustworthy and reliable tool where you can dump away all your superfluous thoughts so that you can focus on imminent tasks. I use Neo smartpen when I record valuable thoughts and moments – business ideas, meeting notes, lecture drafts.

Leonardo, Student

It made sense to me to use Neo smartpen to connect my lecture notes to the rest of my study materials. I can share my notes and questions with my study groups anytime. I have a Facebook page where I upload my lecture notes so that I can share and discuss them with my classmates. 

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Professional Notebook

Neo Smartpen M1

Black & Red

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