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p h o t o  b o o t h s

Mungsube welcomes exclusive collaborations, including photo booths. These bulky photo booths were produced through many consultations and collaborative discussions, and we are ready to provide all types of services - from technical to design, Mungsube has given multiple suggestions and solutions to our clients for their detailed inquiries.

Exclusively created to be complementary to the PSD, the rainbow LED lighting hardware and software were suggested and integrated with diffused LED lighting according to our client's request.

Photo Studio Deluxe

First developed, the Photo Studio Deluxe is a bulky, massive product (put dimensions). Specifically built to be attention-capturing and bright, Mungsube provided specific hardware solutions for our client. From machine structuring to additional technical problem solving, we have it all.

Partnered with: Apple Industries

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Marvel Adventure Lab

The Marvel Adventure Lab was created through integration of our technical and original solutions, including an LED perimeter ring light, top-sign, and LED sign. Consulted, designed, and brainstormed in Mungsube, this photo booth exclusively collaborated with Marvel is one of our best turnkey solution products that integrate customer requests with our technical knowledge from real engineers.

Our client inquired about creating a specific themed photo booth after the creation of the PSD and Photo Studio Prism. Unsure about how to start or where to go, they looked to us for a possible solution. After brainstorming and discussing, we decided to modify the Photo Studio Prism - one of the changes was an additional LED ring around the photo booth. It would highlight the machine and differentiate this new model with the Photo Studio Prism.

                                          The Mungsube Team created and sent a sample of the LED ring

Photo Studio Prism

To offset the massive initial photo booth, Mungsube helped develop the smaller Photo Studio Prism, which demonstrates similar capabilities to the PSD, but is a more compact, convenient machine.

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