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Supplying open-frame monitors

Since 2006, Mungsube has provided our jukebox client with open-frame monitors that are customized to fit their special cabinets. Later on in our long-term relationship with our customer, we took over the entire assembly and distribution processes - including building cabinets and installing electronic hardware

j u k e b o x e s

Mungsube welcomes exclusive collaborations to create turnkey, complete products and services. These jukeboxes were meticulously created through discussions and meetings from consultation to post-service part delivery. Not only can we be the one-stop solution, but we can also tailor monitors and machines to your needs and requirements.

Our Capabilities

With our extensive technical knowledge in all parts of manufacturing and assembly, we are able to provide not only warehouse space, but also custom solutions to make your product look and function like the way you envisioned.

Transform your vision and imaginative product into reality with the Mungsube team. With an engineering background, we understand the process and are capable of offering more than what you initially request from us.  

Key Features

PCAP haptic touch

complete assembly

Turnkey solutions

Infinity LED lighting

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custom open-frame displays

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