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Mungsube gives full-circle offerings, which cover from consulting and sourcing to transiting and spare part provision. Our one-stop service delivers affordable, easy, and convenient production of your display needs.


Mungsube welcomes exclusive collaborations with companies for more interpersonal planning and detailed production. We strive to create innovative changes and revolutionary goods that fit your requests.


We offer custom hardware display solutions for your product requirements. With our extensive knowledge and resources, we are able to provide monitors for the most demanding requests.

our services

1. Consulting

5. Delivery

4. Requests

Our expert, combined knowledge of the industrial design process and technical aspects of machinery delivers highly effective and distinct services that adjust to your requirements.

From prototyping and fabrication to in-depth testing and quality assurance, we personally manage all areas of production to reassure our customers. Thus, the results of our extensive, detailed management are shorter lead times, faster responses, and increased convenience.

Our technical team offers remote, hybrid, or on-site service options, allowing the exact support you need. Our experienced, skilled, and vast team for maintenance and troubleshooting will help you maintain quality products.

2. Design

3. Sampling

6. Post-Delivery Services

Sharing our technical knowledge and offering more detailed solutions to satisfy our clients' requests and inquiries

Our process is straightforward and inclusive - we always make sure to include you into each step. And as a leading custom display solution provider, the Mungsube team prioritizes your input and needs.

Our Process

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